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My ps3 won’t turn on?


I push the button to turn it on and it goes green for 2 seconds then goes orange and then switches off and the red light starts blinking.

My warranty on the console ran out, it’s a 60 gb one.

I tried turning it off and on, taking out all the plugs and leaving it but it still doesn’t work. It’s definately not overheated.

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  1. ring sony customer services, they were very helpful with my out of warranty ps3 problem

    added-that odd, mine was half a year out of its warranty and they replaced mine FOC for a failed bluray drive, must have just got lucky then! may be worth taking to an electronics repair place, but my guess is your best offer will be the one Sony has offered.

  2. This orange light you speak off, this only comes up when the cables are not plugged in correctly, at least that is what happened with my PS3, just take them out and securely put them back in, hopefully this was the problem.

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