Home Xbox Forum my xbox 360 broke and need help?

my xbox 360 broke and need help?


So I know absolutely nothing about fixing stuff ;/ It’s sad but true. My xbox doesn’t turn on. I bought new power supply but it didnt work. I want to quit and give up video games but. then I love games xD. I was wondering if anyone knows whether it would be cheaper to just buy a ps3 or fix the 360. I only had 4 games I played on xbox. tekken 6, halo reach, soul calibur 4 and dead or alive 4. I just want to be able to play my games again without risking a halo ring (disk scratch). or paying for online. but then again. money is the problem. I work but I dont know if i want a ps3. So confused!! this is why girls dont play games. problems are inevitable xP

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  1. Take it to Gamestop, Play n trade, BestBuy or whatever place that works on game stations and ask them. It may be something internal. Nothing lasts forever.

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