Home Xbox Forum My xbox 360 has three red lights?

My xbox 360 has three red lights?


Do i have to call microsoft or something? If I do whats their number? Or do I call the place where I bought it from :S help

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  1. Ok if the Xbox is under warranty call Microsoft. 1-800-4myxbox

    If it is out of warranty and you are good with tools, then go to the site below. It will show you what you need to buy and how to do it. It may cost you $20 but thats pretty cheap.

    [url is not allowed].

  2. You my lucky sir, have just experienced the red ring of death. Your xbox is now completely destroyed. On your way to go buy a new one I suggest you pick up a PS3. Oh and you could call Microsoft if it is under warrant.

  3. your Xbox has experienced a RROD (Red Ring Of Death) you would be wise to call Microsoft as it can be repaired, but can take up to a month and they are then prone to break again, it would be a good idea to buy a new Xbox, but if you don’t have the money, opt to get it repaired. Also the repair is free if it is under warranty, if not under warranty then yo u will have to pay for the repair.

    to request a repair, go to [url is not allowed]

    You will need your Windows Live ID

    Console serial number

    Your mailing address

  4. If you’ve got a warranty,call Microsoft,but if not then I’m gonna give you an alternative.Now my Xbox stopped reading discs,but mine just fell from warranty status so I had to resort to going on Youtube.Yes,Youtube.You’d be surprised on how to fix this without any cost.I fixed my own and it hasn’t given me a problem since.

  5. You’re not completely screwed. If the box is under warranty, call microsoft (1800myxbox or something like that). If not, look on Amazon for the RROD repair kits. Order one and follow instructions. Should have it fixed in < 45 mins for < $20. If not, PM me and I’ll buy it for $25 🙂

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