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Netflix Connection Problems?


Since the most recent update, I’ve been having some issues watching Netflix on my PS3. The show or movie will start to play, but usually after about 5-10 minutes I will get this message “We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again or visit www.netflix.com/tvhelp for guidance.”

I hit ok and am able to resume watching whatever it is I was watching until I get the message again.

I’m having no problems with Netflix on my computer or phone.

It almost seems that with the new update, the software is not able to downscale the quality of the video to keep it from running out of buffer. And instead of it buffering, it comes up with the error message.

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  1. Having the same issue here, says x-high but having buffer errors, not sure if the cause but I

    Bet there is another update soon.

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