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ok i have a xbox 360, but my parents are getting me a cod modern warfare 2 xbox 360?


on my old xbox 360, i have gamertag, that want on my new xbox 360,on my new xbox 360, do i go to recover gamertag, and type in my gamertag that is on my old xbox 360, and type in the email that i used for it, and it downloads on to my new xbox 360, so i will have my gamertag from my old xbox 360 on my new xbox 360, right?, i know i wont have my downloads, but will i have my gamertag on my new xbox 360, and my saved games, and my saved kills ad ranks on games, like cod, and halo

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  1. just download the gamertag. get a transfer kit to move your old HDD material to the new Hdd.

    OR get a memory card and move it manually, but then you’re gonna have to go to xbox.com and do the lisence transfer so it will all work if you are not logged onto XBL. then go to your download history on your new 360 and re download anything you want on the new 360. it won;t take long since if it’s already on the hdd you;ll just re download the license.

  2. yes sir i just asked kinda the same question, no affence but that was a tad bigt confusing, but you can have the same account on many different xbox’s and ur saves and acheievements will transfer, i dont think ur downloads will tho, and u wont have to start over u gamer score at 0000

  3. Yes, that’s what you do. To recover your downloads from your account on your old Xbox 360, go to ‘Account Management’ and ‘Download History’ and you can download them once you recover your gamertag.

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