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OLD Playstation videogame. I can’t remember the name, PLEASE HELP!?


Okay, here are the few points I remember about it:

-Was either PS OR PS2

-I watched the TRAILER for it on a Playstation Magazine demo disc. It was not a playable demo.

-It’s old animation, sort of like Animal Crossing style

-No humans, all the characters are animals

What I can remember of the storyline:

-It starts off in a forest-type area. I remember there being a lot of tree

-One of the animals/creatures are bullied by a group

-They push him off a hill/cliff

-He hits his head and loses his memory

-He then has to find his way back home (and possibly remember who he is?)

-I remember seeing that you control the character in 3rd person, through villages and towns, it was always set in the countryside, or somewhere where there is a lot of nature. Never any cities or modern places.

My dad used to collect PS magazines so I’m not exactly sure how old it is, but it wasn’t one of the new versions. At least 8-10 years old possibly?

If anyone can remember I’d be so grateful, I’ve been searching every explanation I can think of into google but nothing is coming up. it’s driving me crazy!

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  1. Could possibly be crash bandicoot? He is orange and doesn’t truly look like any real animal.

    Maybe spyro? he’s a purple dragon and there weren’t any real towns or villages. I played it years ago. If you get a spyro get year of the dragon. its the best one.

    Sonic the hedgehog? he was a blue animal.

    Possibly Monster Rancher? I’m not sure of what game you’re talking about. I’m making guesses based on what you said. I went through this list. 🙂

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