Home Xbox Forum pertaining my xbox warranty? pls help?

pertaining my xbox warranty? pls help?


i have a question/idea.

the manufacturers date on my 360 is 2007-11-11 (suprised it lasted this long lol) so i am guessing i have a couple months (since i know tht the warranty for the rrod is 3 years) for my 360 to get the rrod. since my xbox is this old should i force an rrod in order to get a newer xbox (before my warranty is out)?


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  1. They don’t you a newer xbox. Here’s an example of this.

    Joe schmoe sends in his 360, and he gets another 360. A month later you send in your 360. Since then they did something to hold Joes xbox together and they’re giving it to you. And the xbox they give you is by no means new, they just replace any broken parts. They know about your warrenty and if its almost up they’ll send you one that’s gonna break soon. They did the same with my zune. My warrenty was almost up so they sent me a really crappy one that didn’t even work the first time. Sent it back and they did the same thing again. I wouldn’t worry about. and no you don’t have to force an RROD you can just tell MS that you got the RROD and they’ll take it and send you a different one, they don’t really inspect it at all until they try to fix it 2-3 weeks after its sent in.

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