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Ps3 160gb problem? Help 10points?


well i got a ps3 160gb bundle from walmart on black friday and i was playing it yesterday for like 6hours or so. then today when i played uncharted 2 every like 1hour-2hours, the game freezes up, idk y? i put it in a non dusty place and an open area and i put a thin blanket over it when im not playing to keep dust from getting on it.

so why does it freezes up? O.o i just got this recently 10points for help D:

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  1. First, NEVER put anything over the PS3, especially when you just turned it off. Putting a blanket over the PS3 doesn’t allow the heat to escape, which is not a good thing for the PS3.

    Second, unless the PS3 is unplugged, then it will still generate heat (it is still drawing wattage from the outlet), so covering it up will cause heat build up as well.

    As for the game freezing, some games freeze, there is nothing you can do about it. If you think it is the PS3 that is the problem, then go into Safe Mode and do a Restore File System (make sure to do a backup before you do this, it could cause loss of data): [url is not allowed].

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