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Ps3 deactivation question?


Now I have another issue. I have deactivated it but it didn’t take anything off. So I just went back on and started to re download things I wanted back just in case it would take stuff off later. I ran out of memory!I don’t understand how I run out of memory re downloading stuff I already had. can someone explain this to me?

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  1. Yes they will lose the ability to play the dlc, your account will have to be active on their ps3 for them to play something you payed for! And your dlc will still be on your ps3 but you’ll need to activate it again on your system. Sony only allows you to have your accont active on 2 ps3’s now

  2. 1. They will lose any downloaded content from your account. Your account will still be on their PS3 though unless you change your password or physically delete it from their PS3.

    2. You would have to re-activate your content from “System Activation”. Here’s how to do it:

    XMB>”Playstation Network”>”Account Management”>”System Activation”>”Game”>”Activate”

    EDIT: You don’t have to re-download your content, just re-activate it.

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