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PS3 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit or Gran Turismo 5?


Getting close to November which means its close to the release of two of the longest running arcade racers of all time. The question im asking is, which should I get?

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  1. Well by default (as of now) it’ll have to be NFS: HP since GT5 was delayed (again).

    Lets say GT5 was not delayed, it would come down to if you want a sim racer or an arcade one.

  2. It depends really whether you like arcadey racers or simulators. I like both BUT the way I see it is, the new Need for Speed is shaping up to be the best one since the early ones which dominated the racing game scene in the mid-late 90’s.

    Gran Turismo 5 will just be a reworked Gran Turismo 4. Sure it looks pretty and it has many many cars but basically it’ll be the same game underneath.

    The new NFS was built from the ground up, therefore I think you should get this game.

  3. i never liked need for speed games,i was always a burnout fan but i ll buy hot pursuit because its a mix of need for speed and burnout(the developers of the burnout series made hot pursuit).Gran turismo 5 delayed again,so definitely hot pursuit!

  4. Well, Gran Turismo 5 just got delayed.again.

    No firm date has been announced for it. It may not even ship in 2010.

    So.NFS:Hot Pursuit wins by default.

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