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PS3 question? Please Help?


Ok ive read that when you buy a game for the PS3 you have to download it to the hard drive? Am i correct?

Does it take long to download onto it? And can you play without having it on the hard drive? Also how much does the usual game take up? Thank you
even if i buy in cd form?

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  1. It’s required for most game but takes usually no more than 10 minutes so while your waiting go eat a snack when your back its done

    btw the install is what makes games load so fast now a days lol

  2. The game only insalls in part on the Hard Drive. It would depend on the size of the game, as to how long it would take to Install. MGS4 for example, is the biggest game I know of, it took 7 mins to install Act 1, then about 2-4 minutes for all other subsequent Acts. I think MGS4 maybe took up 1-2 GB, didn’t really look.

    Addition – Yes, even in disk form. If you think about it, it takes less for the PS3 to read information of of its own Hard Drive, then it would accessing a disk. The PS3 has very large games, and it just helps them to run more smooth, if accessed off the Hard Drive.

  3. No, that is not true. A select (read: very small) number of games will make you install on to the hard drive, and it takes up 0.5-3 gigs, but there’s only 1 game that is 3 gigs.

    The install time is usually a minute or less.

  4. No you dont have to down load games but there are some games , grand turismo 5 prolauge forexample you can download it instead of buying the actual cd you can just use ur credit card and buy it to download strait to your ps3 but all games that are discs you dont have to download anything u just put it in and play like good ol days

    oh yeah i never downloaded a whole game only demos but i hear it takes a while for whole games

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