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ps3 sony repair question?


my fat got ylod. so i called sony and set up them to exchange fat for new slim for 100$. will a slim power cord be included?

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  1. I think they’re just going to repair it I never heard of that. You’re suppose to just send the system nothing else.

  2. you send them just the console and keep your chords , cables and controller and they send just a console back , you use the same chords and cables you had before , al models use the same power chord

    when my fatty died I got a super slim and just unplugged the chord and hdmi cable from the dead one and plugged them into the new ps3 instead of unpacking the ones with the new console

    didn’t they tell you that when you called? the papers with the box they ship will tell if if they forgot and the box is only big enough for the console anyway

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