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question about Minecraft on 360!?


okay i just need a good explantion for this.

My friend purchased Minecraft for Xbox 360 and he put his profile and minecraft on a flash drive.

when he puts it in MY xbox it only lets him play Trial Mode

but when i take my profile and put it on HIS xbox i can play minecraft just fine.

I have minecraft on my xbox, didnt purchase it, we just copied his version onto my xbox but since his profile contains the licences he should be able to play on my console right? what up with this

also i would like ot know if there is an alternative for purchasing Minecraft on xbox. like a disc or something because i dont have xbox live

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  1. He needs to be signed into Xbox Live to play it on your 360. Minecraft for the 360 is only available as a download so far.

  2. I believe it won’t work since you didn’t purchase it on your Xbox. Just do it the legal way. ok? It is so much easier when you obey the law. You can buy Minecraft even if you don’t have XBL Gold though, still just go to the marketplace either if you have XBL Gold or if you have XBL Free

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