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Red Dead Redemption Or Uncharted 2?


Very Hard decision

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  1. Uncharted 2

    Awesome story

    best multiplayer

    awesome co op play

    lots of time

    and trophies

    there are always people online

    did i say awesomeness?

    Red Dead Redemption

    Awesome sandbox game

    free roam multiplayer

    loads of time to play single and multiplayer

    multiplayer gets boring if there is no one online

    (people say red dead has allot of hackers or bugs im not sure)

    depends on u though people say uncharted 2 is a must have for ps3

  2. i like RDR docent seem like any one really hacks some say you can hack to max level probably but no one really cheats Ive only seen like one but i wasent that sure till he did this throwing kinfe machine gun thing you should get RDR uncharted is preatty much over old news not saying its bad it is good but RDR is still new DLC is coming out still both are fun i dont have uncharted but i have played it its up to you but i say RDR

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