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Selling a Playstation 2 console?


Im trying to get rid of my playstation 2 console. Its about 3 yrs old, in good condition (minus some stickers thrown on it), and Im wondering how much money I could make off of it if I tried selling it to Gamestop or somewhere like that. Im not much of a videogame buff so I need to know how much the console plus the controllers would sell for

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  1. I’m saying well new play stations are about 150 $ so an old one in good condition should be about $90 plus controls if there is two about $30 so if one $18 so all together about $120 maybe a little less or + the just one.

  2. Best bet would probably be Ebay.widest selection of buyers.

    Even then, your looking $50 to $75 tops since the PS3 is out now.

    Even if you don’t want the hassle of putting it on-line yourself, their are Ebay storefronts in a lot of cities now that will take care of all of it for you.

    BTW What games do you own? Adding some fun, popular games will help bring in a few more dollars, and you won’t have a need for them without the PS2.

    If you do go the gamestop route, use the second link, it’s to a coupon where they will give you an extra $20 through 8/10/08 for hardware (ie your PS2) in good shape.

    Good luck!

  3. well i got mine when it first came out and i sold it to my friend for like 65 dollars so maybe 65$ i would suggest sell to a friend gamestop is a rip off

  4. If you sell it to gamestop or places like that, they will try to give u the least money possible. You can prob get 50-60 bucks for it there.

    E-bay might be able to get you 70-90 bucks.

  5. if it is in full working order and has all of its cords and one working controller, you will get $35 for a fat PS2 or $40 for a slim PS2 at GameStop.

    an extra controller will get you $5 if it’s a wired Sony PS2 controller.

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