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should i buy guitar heroes 3 for PS3 right now or wait until black friday?


reason why i want to wait until friday is brcause they having a sale in best buy and im hoping they give away free gift card.

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  1. I would go ahead and buy it now becaue once black friday comes around people are gonna be storming the stores to get that game and you might not get one. I would go ahead and spend the few extra dollars and buy it now.

  2. i wouuld say wait until friday to buy it since it is cheaper. but make sure you get to best buy at like 3 or 4 in the morning or they are going to be sold out.

  3. Likely with it being such a hot item this X-Mas there is a very slim chance that it will be a Black Friday special. Keep in mind that many big box companies are not going to cut price on something that they can earn full profit on.

  4. It won’t be on sale on Black Friday. I know because I’ve seen all of Best Buy’s black friday sales, including door buster items. If you wait til Black friday, you will pay full price, have to deal with ridiculous crowds, and face the possibility of it being sold out.

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