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Should I mod my Xbox 360?


First of all, is it a good idea? I know this can get me free games and stuff, but are there any downsides? Risks?

Second, how hard is it to do? I’m not super computer-savvy.

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  1. I’m pretty sure getting your 360 chipped/modded disables xbox LIVE, meaning you can’t play online. You might want to do your research though. But if you want to get it chipped/modded, I’d take it to a place that specializes in computer/console repair and/or modification, especially since your not good with computers. Might cost you a bit though, not too sure how much.

  2. Yes there is a big risk if you use xbox live and you mod your xbox there is a huge risk that they will see it and disable your wired and wireless meaning no xbox live and they wont help you fix it ever since you agree to the user agreement it is easy just search youtube

  3. i modded my xbox for about 50$ from the shop where i bought it from and im still using xbox live.(modded since november 2009).i can buy games for less than 3$ from here.btw i live in the gulf so its easy to get readymade 360 games for 3$.

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