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Should I reset my ps3 completely or no?


For some reason I feel like resetting my whole ps3 like when i first got it. The reason i do is becuase i havent played it lately and i feel like i need to reset everything. What should I do? Im wondering becuase i really sont want to lose all my game data. Also my online for playstation network account is kinda jacked up and i was going to make a new one as well. But the main thing is should i reset my Ps3 or not?

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  1. I would do it becuase now you can start from the beginning and do things you always wanted to do but it was to late. Also you can make a new PSN with no problems and start off fresh on that too. Itll keep you entertained for the next 2 or 4 months until you get bored again as last time.

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