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Trying to jailbreak my ps3(I’m a noob)?


I recently decided to jailbreak my ps3,the reason being that I’m on a low budget and I can’t really afford to buy games for the ps3 since they’re really expensive,anyway I googled for about an hour and something and what I learnt was that I have to downgrade my ps3 to ofw 3.55.My ps3 is currently at 4.55.I found out that the downgrading process can’t really be done without having some kind of 3rd party hardware namely(rogero or e3 flasher) which brings me to my question:

Can I downgrade to ofw 3.55 without the use of these hardware I have a fat ps3 80gb

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would contact the good people at http://www.fbi.gov. They are very helpful with all of the issues in regards to jailbreaking and pirating.

    BTW, there are plenty of good PS3 games that you can get for less than $10 used. I’m not sure exactly your financial situation is, but I think you can probably scratch together $10 to buy a good used game.

  2. No, you need a flasher like Rogero to downgrade. A ps3 also cannot be be downgraded to an ofw it never was before. Meaning the super slims and the newer slims cannot be downgraded because they were built with 4.55.

    You have a fat 80 thougj, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember jailbreaking voids the warranty, and if you do it wrong you can brick your system. Sony will.no longer help you after you jailbreak. You will also be unable to use any online features, including netflix, and your console and psn will get banned for life.

    If you are aware of the consequences and still.want to go ahead and to it, then go ahead, but just know, you will need a flasher like Rogero to downgrade

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