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What is a simple way to clean an Xbox 360 game disc?


I rented SKATE from a local video store today and when i brought it home there are major scratches on it and i was wondering if there are any house hold materials that could get rid of those scratches, for awhile at least. I used furniture polish but that didnt work, so does anyone else have an idea?

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  1. first i would get another copy you shouldnt pay for there mistake

    possibly eye glass cleanser and nice wipes

    p.s hope you get it to work skate is tight

  2. Keep in mind, if we’re talking about scratches then “cleaning” the game isn’t going to help much. Unfortunately if they’re deeper scratches then household solutions tend to be trickier. Also you want to be careful not damage the disc even further since it’s a rental. I know some of those disc repair machines you can buy at electronics stores (particularly the newer ones that look like CD players) work fairly decently on some scratches. Stuff like toothpaste can work for ligher scratches, but not deeper.

    You could also bring it back to the place, point it out to them that that’s how you go it, and see if they maybe have another copy they can give you. There are ways to clean deeper scratches with super fine grit sandpaper (like they use on cars). but it’s super tricky and there’s ALOT of risk of just completely ruining the disc further and more noticably it’ll be your fault. so I don’t recommend it. Don’t want to get you in trouble with the video store or have to buy it as a used game that doesn’t even work.

    I deal with media such as DVDs in the public library where I work part-time. Bad scratches, even with all the tricks and newest “disc repair” options, sometime just don’t come out and even if they do, you can wear down the disc so much that it won’t play anyway.

  3. What I use is tooth paste make sure its a white tooth paste. What you do is wet the disk it warm water then put tooth paste around the disk and rub it on the disk until the tooth paste is all around the disk. Then rinse it off with warm water. This always works for me but it does not work for everyone.

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