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when this is all over?


how is sony gonna help us with getting our accounts back? like can they send psn users reset passwords if our accounts get hacked or what? which is i hope no1 will have their accounts hacked, idk what sony is gonna do about this if it happens
after it already happened*
Update 2:
i know that though, hopefully sony/fbi will find this hacker and throw him in jail i hope by next week
Update 3:
@Philly Phizzle im sorry that you had your ps3s stolen from you

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  1. well if you a free member user with no released credit card # then you nothing to worry about,the only ones who sony make up to is plus member and people who released credit card # but I think sony deserves a break even I had Playstations stolen from me,nothing in life is foolproof,look at the taitanic.good luck with your question!

  2. I doubt are PSN have been hacked we have been told to change our passwords the time PSN come back online. Sony will probably notify us if anythings happened or contact them to check if your PSN is normal.

  3. The network was hacked about 3 days prior to the network being shut down. When it comes back online, usernames, trophies, passwords etc will all be unchanged. You will have to change your own password yourself.

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