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Which XBOX 360 bundle should I get?


So me and my 10 and 4 year old brothers are sooooooo tired of the Wii! So we all decided on a XBOX 360. But I can’t decide to get the 4GB Kinect bundle or the 250GB core bundle. We three all like Kinect. But 4GB might be too low. But $300 is already exspensive! So my other choice would be a 250GB core bundle with no Kinect. Theres controller games for my younger brothers. But I’m still interested in Kinect. So which one should I get?

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  1. get the 4 gig bundle and then buy either an external harddrive or try a memory stick for like $6 and download all the stuff onto it

  2. if you get the 4gb bundle you can use up to a 16gb flash drive to save your info on.you can have multiple flash drives,just put in the one you need and your good to go.most flash drives work,you dont need n official microsoft flash drive.i have used cruzer and dane elec,both work fine.hope this helps.

  3. Go for the 250gb no Kinnect because you wil need the memory for all 3 to be able to do what y’all want. Especially if your going to want DLC and etc. and if you want to have enough room for all of you. If you don’t desire having enough of all that room right now you could always get Kinnect 4gb and ask your parents later for a upgraded 250gb hard drive and just deal with the 4 until them so tHen so you can still get Kinnect and be up to date.

  4. I bought the Or my dad bought the 4GB Kintect Bundle, It came with 2 controllers and 1 or 2 games i forgot, But I later down the road bought a 250GB hard drive, Now weather you are planning to get xbox live, and play games online and download bonus content and map packs! then me personally i like using the hard drive for that, But if i DIDNT have 250GB and no xbox live, (5 bucks a month) then getting the 4GB would be better! But on the easy statement

    1. Get the 4GB kintect bundle if you are planning on having NO xbox live.

    2. Get 250GB Kintect bundle if you DO want xbox live. < -- I would only suggest this if YOU ARE planning on playing more then JUST kintect games, e.g. COD, MW2, Gears of war. I would just go for the 4GB because i have had my new xbox 360 (no gloss) and the 4GB just for holding game saved stuff ive had it fr like a year now and its already at 2GB but thats because i have MANY games reguired to have alot of room, Final statement if youre planning on playing alot of games and go on xbox live et 250GB if NOT then go 4GB, And oh you can get Xbox Live on ANY xbox, and if everything is just too exspensive look up Xbox Arcades and get a Kintect Sensor bundle, (i think it reguires 1 more cord i think inclued also inclueds 1 game for kintect i belive) FINALLY THE END! And oh “Welcome to the Xbox community!” And oh PLEASE add me as a friend if you do get Xbox live my Gamertag/Username is ADieingChipmunk

  5. In all honesty, I would buy the 250gb one. I have a 4 year old daughter, she doesn’t play the kinect. And there really isn’t any awesome games on it. Ours is collecting lots of dust. Besides you can always buy it later if that is something your still interested in. Think Christmas, usually they have bundles where you will get a free kinect game with purchase.

    But, it is fun. I just think with the 3 of you you will need the extra space. Also, why not buy one from gamestop used. Not super cheap, but the slim doesn’t have overheating issues so you can use some of that extra money for a game or 2. Plus if you have their rewards card, you get points.

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