Home Xbox Forum why does my xbox keep freezing!?!?!?!?!?

why does my xbox keep freezing!?!?!?!?!?


OK heres the problem! im downloading the new maps for cod5 and the map pack 1 finnished and for sum reason i keeps freezing i havent played it yet.but my xbox keeps freezing.this has never happend before? maybe its overheating? can someone please help!?!?!

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  1. When it freezes it is generally caused by the graphics card or processor seizing which is normally caused by overheating. Is your xbox in an enclosed space? If it is it might appreciate more ventilation. Also check the intake fan grill, mine was overheating because it had been clogged with fluff and the intake wasn’t working properly! I assume it isn’t showing any red lights? You can find out what they mean on the xbox website depending on the configuration. If it is the ‘red ring of death’ they normally fix it for you as it is a known soldering fault.

  2. Well you have to look for the flashing red lights on your xbox. If they appear, you should first look up wat it means on xbox.com, and then, if you can’t fix it, send it to Microsfot for repair.

    The repair is free, but it does take some time. Don’t try to fix it yourself because you will void the warranty and most likely, will make it worse.

    Don’t listen to the guy above.he sucks.

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