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Why does xbox get things first?


Why does the xbox 360 get games and downloads like call of duty maps like a month before PS3 does?

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  1. Microsoft pays x amount of money to acquire the rights before other gaming platforms. It’s mainly a marketing strategy.

  2. Microsoft has a deal with the Call of Duty publishers. Microsoft paid them a lot of money so they can have the maps come out on XBOX first.

  3. Xbox is owned my microsoft, microsoft has more money they sony and buys compatibility first. Also some games are designed for Xbox 360 purely for its higher HD capabilities.

  4. because ps3’s suck and xbox 360 is amazing. they dont want to reward the people who have ps3’s like they do xbox players, idk. i just hate ps3’s. i think cause microsoft payed money for that to happen so itll make ps3ers want to buy an xbox giving microsoft more money and fame. and cause ps3’s suck

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