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why have they made an xbox one?


okay so im debating to pre order an xbox one but i cant get it straight. So there is an xbox one coming out, they will make a call of duty ghosts for xbox one and a call of duty ghosts for xbox 360. Now i read everywere that people with an xbox one wont be able to game with people with a 360. But that cant be right? They must be able to game with each other as there isnt two different xbox lives? lastly do i get an xbox one or what? 1. Id only be getting one because aparently theres no cross link with the two consoles and i wouldnt want to be gaming with the odd person because everyone else has an xbox one? Im really confused on the whole thing

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  1. well i think there will be a difference.

    the xbox 1 games will have better graphics than the xbox 360 versions. so you can’t play a game from both consoles if both games work on a different system.

    i am getting a ps4 this time.

    because the xbox 1 is going to be too much of a cost, they clearly don’t care for the consumer anymore they won’t work without the kinect and they work for the NSA.

    Sony probably works with the NSA but since that is not proven and the eye thing is not mandatory then i am okay with it.

    so i am changing over to the ps4 and i thing you should get a ps4. btw the system is not free on the ps4. you will have to pay some kind of gold like system in order to play online just like the xbox.

    honestly i hate the controller but i hate the xbox 1 even more and i am not paying 500 for a spy box just for the controller i will just have to get use to the ps4 controller

  2. First of all, if you’re buying a console just for COD, like I don’t even know what to say about that. Second, no they don’t have backward compatibility, so you can’t play Xbox 360 games on One, and vice versa. And they made the actual console for the most important reason : they want to make money. Tons of it :/ also graphic chips and processors have really evolved since 8 years ago and it’s about time they update them, since any low end PC can outperform an xbox.

    Get a PlayStation 4 just cause it actually treats us better and gives us exactly what we want : gaming first, Netflix and hulu second :/

  3. There may only be one xbox live but there will be two completely different sets of servers for the hosting of games.

  4. Yes it is right. Xbox 360 & One gamers will not be able to game with each other. Though they are using the same XBL the servers being used are different. Personally I don’t get why people are asking this (even on the PS side). Its never happened in the past, so why would it now?

  5. The Xbox one is intended to be an entire home enterainment system, with a strong focus on gaming. It will get apps to reflect that. Tv, Movies, Youtube (That doesn’t suck), Internet Explorer (That doesn’t move slower than Gateway) and even Skype. I expect it will have a Menagere of free apps for us to enjoy.

  6. Simple answer: whether you get it now or in 6 months it is inevitable. The xbox 360 will slowly be phased out and they will soon enough stop making games (at least good games) for it. Also, you will see a major drop in players playing online on the 360 on Xbox One launch, but you will also slowly see a decrease day by day as people start to buy a new console.

    My opinion: dont put any more money into the 360. If you dont want to buy the xbox one right now and instead want to find out from others after the release if it is really “all that” then i recommend doing so. I guess a few new games for the 360 wouldnt hurt, but if you want to continue having that “amazing” online experience and dont want to always be matched up with the same 20 people everyday (eventually) on the 360 I would recommend saving your money for the Xbox one.

    Hope this helped 🙂

  7. Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released on both XBOX One and XBOX 360

    Online gaming will still be on XBOX Live ~ but, different servers for XBOX

    One and XBOX 360. So you always play with users with same gen’ console

    If you love your XBOX 360: then you already know you getting an XBOX One 🙂

    “The new XBOX One was designed to be the most advanced game console ever:

    featuring built-in high-definition Blu-ray Disc drive, new eight core x86 processor

    with 8GB of RAM, and a dedicated gaming Operating System running along with

    the Windows OS. Microsoft’s new XBOX One console comes with a redesigned

    1080p Kinect motion-sensor included.” (See Source link for XBOX One details)

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