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Why is my HDMI cord not working?


On my PS3 I use the HDMI cord to play, and I also use it on my cable box. Ever since i got it I’ve had to wiggle it to get it working, but now its not working even when I wiggle it. What should I do?

(It sometimes works when i straighten all of the curves in the cord.)
I have a 90$ cord its the best there is but there a warranty

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  1. its messed up inside, it was probably pulled apart in side the wires i mean, its gone. so buy a new one be carfeul not to yank the two ends and similar stuff

  2. you should get a new HDMI cable. maybe shorter, because the longer they are, the more they bend, and it must have fractured internally.

    i recommend getting a new HDMI cable. you can find cheap ones on eBay, or craigs list.



  3. don’t buy those $90 cables. Trust me, I have seen them both and the $5.00 cables are identical. Go to Monoprice.com and get a really good cable for under $10.

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