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Why wont my controller work (Xbox)?


Okay so i got an xbox 360 elite for Christmas and i got one wireless separate it came with one. The one i got separate wont work when i try to play multiplayer. When i try to turn it on the green light just flashes

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  1. you have to sync it, by clicking the button between the Left bumper and right bumper, then the matching button on the console itself.

  2. on your xbox you will see a little button under the memory card slots. Hold that button in and look on the top of your controller near the plug thing you will see a smaller version of the button on the xbox.

    hold the button on the xbox and while your holding it hold the one on the controller now it will just flash fast then show one light on the left.

  3. Look on the top ofthe controller and there is

    going to be a small button. When you turn on your Xbox

    hit the tiny button on your Xbox by the memory slots then

    hit the button on your controller. It should connect them.

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