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Will the software Add On for PS2 games work on my old PS3?


I have an old one. No clue how many g’s at this point. Too lazy to look. It play PS1 games. That would make it backward compatible right? But I’m reading two 3 different stories on this. 1. If it’s backwards compatible, it will play PS2 game with this system add on. 2. if it doesn’t have 4 USB slots then it won’t play them. Mine has only 2. 3. Either way, it only play FFXI and SoCom. What’s the deal?If I try to install this to my PS3 will I be able to play my TombRaiders made for PS2? I can play my TombRaider 4 on it now, since I bought it.

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  1. the ps2 system data software won’t make a non ps2 compatible ps3 play ps2 games. all ps3’s are ps1 compatible , that’s called limited backwards compatibility. only the 60 gig , 20 gig and 80 gig mgs4 edition ps3 are ps2 compatible – they all have 4 usb ports and you can check the model number to see if it’s ps2 compatible

    read the software description , it adds the ability to play ps2 games that required hdd installation if you have a ps2 compatible model – socom 2 and ff12 required hdd installation and an hdd add-on for the ps2 to play them so to play them on a ps2 compatible ps3 requires this add-on software.

    you need ps2 hardware to play the games , a software add-on will not allow a non compatible system to become ps2 compatible

    either your ps3 is already capable of playing ps2 discs or it isn’t and no added software patch will change this.

  2. Just because it plays PS1 games does not make it backwards compatible, all PS3’s are compatible with PS1 games but only 3 NTSC models were backwards compatible with PS2 games.

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