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Will this hard drive work in my Playstation 3?


So my PS3 broke and I had no idea as to why. I called Sony and they said is sounds like a hard drive issue. The problem is when it turns on this red screen pops up and says something in a foreign languages. I have taken apart my PS3 (don’t worry I didn’t have warranty in the first place) and dusted it with a can of air. I even took out the hard drive and air dusted it, but it did not help. The Playstation turns on and runs just fine. So with all of this background knowledge in mind, on to my question: Will this hard drive work in my Playstation 3? [url is not allowed]

I have done my research and I am fairly confident that it will, I just need someone to confirm.

Thanks, Caleb

P.S: My Playstation 3 is not the slim version, it is the one with the touch sensitive buttons on the front.

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  1. Yes, its the right size. For replacement HDD’s the physical size must be a standard 2.5″ wide, 9.5mm tall, notebook hard drive. Also, in my opinion the 5400 rpm drives work better than the 7200 rpm drives.

    Also, if you look at the reviews for the drive on the newegg website there are several that state they used it for a replacement drive on their PS3. Both Fat and Slim models.

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