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Xbox 360 Constantly Overheating?


I Have Had My Xbox for about a year and a half. and the 1 year warranty is way out. first it had the e74 error and i went in and cleaned the GNU all up and the cooling thing for it(always Forget what there called) and i kno agood bit of electronix but what i cant figure out is that in gears of war 2 like the only game i ever play it will overheat in the middle of it. it does this alot. what i do is when it overheats i let it cool for a few mins then start playing. and it starts overheating faster. i want to kno that if i put another fan in it over the GPU would it solve my problom? or is it just a stupid attempt?

If needed i can upload a vid to youtube to show what it does.

and Hint: i do have it in a very open spacve not on carpet and its standing upright not laying down so it can breath more.

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  1. it is because cleaning it doesnt always cure it but you should get another fan it prroduces about 60% more air itype in talismoon fan in to ebay and you take aprt the xbox and replace the talismoon fan with your old one

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