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xbox 360 controller?


my batterys in my xbox 360 controller go flat after a day or 2 and i dont play it that much i only play about 1hr/ 1hr and a half a day why do they go flat so quick they are brand new batterys and high quality make so why and does anyone have a good make of battery that last long thanks
i have a wii aswell and i brought a charging kit for it is it worth getting for my xbox controller?

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  1. Get the PLAY N CHARGE KIT

    it cost like $20 and you can play 20 hrs once its full and when it needs to be charged you can plug it in and keep playing while its charging

    I really need to get a rechargeable battery for my Wii because the controls die every other day and I can’t have that with Super Smash Bros Brawl coming up

  2. I have the play and charge kit, it solves all my battery problems, allows you to still play when the control is charging and if you finish playing before it has finished charging you can shut down the console and it will go into a standby mode finish the charging then fully shut down the console

  3. I would reccomend the Play And Charge Kit. That means you can recharge the batteries provided while you are playing simply by connecting it to the console usb port with a cable.

  4. get the energizer battery rechargeable pack.i used it for my 360 and i can play like upto 12- 15 hours. and yeah i can charge 4-8 batteries @ a time. and the batteries doesnt stay tht long in the controller. plus its CHEAPER ^^

  5. To be honest, it the same with most consoles. I would advise to invest in a battery charger and a few rechargebale batteries.

    It may cost to get them, but it will pay for itself, after a few uses.

    This happens on my Wii too.

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