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Xbox 360 disk tray help!?!?!?!?


Alright so I have the “open tray” error and I’ve done alot of stuff to try and fix it. But it’s still stabbin me in the back. Can anyone tell me another way to fix it other than taking it apart, tapping the top, fixing the band? I really want to get play CoD: Modern Warfare 2!! PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

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  1. This happened to me it is very annoying but Quite simple to fix.

    Take the front of then get a paper clip and put it in the whole on the right on the left top of tray and put it in as far as you can give it a twist and then pull the tray.

    I really hope this helps.

    Make this best answer please

  2. Well, at this point & time. Nothing.

    I would say you should take it to Gamestop and try and get an Exchange.

    Or, if under warranty Call Xbox Support. That’s the best I could say.

    Alternatively, go to a friends house tomorrow/ later and play there.

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