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Xbox 360 live question.?


I am trying to connect to internet on my 360 with an ethernet cable. I have a linksys router i hooked it up two. when i tested connection, the 360 to network connection worked, but the network INTERNET connection wont work. do you know how to fix this? trying to play gears of war online. if so help with starting tha up also.

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  1. If you’re setting up your Xbox to the network,

    You need to make an Windows Live Account first,

    So you can even go on Xbox Live,

    if this is the first time you’ve set up the connection,

    You should reset your router,

    And then when it’s all loaded up,

    With your ethernet connected to your Xbox,

    Try the connection on your Xbox again.


    You need to have an Xbox Live Gold Account to play any games online.

    It’s a bummer.

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