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Xbox 360 memory problems?


Okay, I have some issues with my Xbox360.

I managed to break my USB card in pieces and now it’s not working anymore, so I lost everything, game saves etc. I don’t use the Xbox HDD to save my files but as mentioned the USB card.

SO now I have to use a new USB card, but i’m still going to use the same gamertag and profile, so I was wondering if i’m going to lose my FIFA13 progression? Do I have to start all-over again or summin’ like that?

Thank you

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  1. if you were signed up for XBOX live, then you will have a preserved gamer profile.i think it’s the same way with game saves, but not quite sure. it works like a cloud service on the PC version of Microsoft’s gaming service, and the base code for the XBOX service is the same as on the PC service, so you will probably have the game saves able to be accessed on a new USB card.

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