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Xbox 360 won’t turn on?


okay, my xbox 360 is messed up. It is a xbox 360 arcade and when pressed the power button, the power symbol lights up, but there is no logo, or nothing on my screen. It usually starts up pretty loud (doesnt bother me) but now its just giving a low humming sound. The power brick is green and everything is connected. (double checked) The controllers won’t sync up either. It is not red ringed so cross that out. Please help. Thx

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  1. turn it off and try on it with a controller by pressing Guide button a.k.a button with the Xbox logo.

    then it’ll turn on both console & controller, check all cable connected your console and tv.make sure it connected tightly without any loose.hope it’s work ^ ^

  2. no offence but i had an xbox that made the same noise and it would over heat mine done the same thing i took it to my brother in law who is an electronic technician and he said it was shot from being in an clossed space with no room to cool down or to breath

  3. Unplug it and try to clean vents from dust using VACUUM. ( search some youtube videos how to do it safely ) then try again

  4. Check your AV cable(s), it sounds to me like the video signal isn’t making it’s way to your TV. Unplug them and plug them back in to both your XBOX and TV.

    Check your TV settings to make sure you’re on the right channel, be it Video 1, HDMI 1, etc.

    Good luck.

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