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xbox cod 4 and other shooting games?


theres a game that has crossed the line Six Days in Fallujah

this could be the game to put a end to all shooting games , they will be going to court over games like this many are crossing the lines in many ways , if you dont think that lets say you are in Fallujah or some where else and games that have citys that have been in battles and it make fun of your city , they have cross the line and its not even funny any more

all the companys want is money , and bloody gun fights

i say the game companys need a over all go back and play pong games , have you see teens go into rage when beaten in online games

video game compnays gone bad $ $$$ is all they care about

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  1. I think your question seems to be, “Does this game sound awesome?” My answer is yes, despite your horrible grammar, it does.

  2. “it’s not about the politics of whether the US should have been there or not. It is really about the stories of the Marines who were in Fallujah. We’re focused now on what actually happened on the ground.”

    Video games are just another medium through which stories can be told. The developers decided to create a game based on a story worth telling, keeping it as realistic as possible in order to tell the story effectively.

  3. Violent video games do not make kids violent. I’m 15 and when i get pissed of i go online to play some CoD 4 and vent a little. Instead if walking down the street and shanking somebody. Plus if you took them away people would get so pissed off and go to people like you and shank you. Six day’s in Fallujah looks like a great game and should open peoples eyes to the brutality of war.

  4. ur a noob. they r making it take place in fallujah because Americans wanna shoot up some ragheads. I cheer em on! we should just nuke the whole middle east and wipe them all out.

  5. violent video games are awesome. i dont care what anyone says ive played them all my life and am the most non violent person there is. but maybe they are all about the money. but who cares. they are creating something we enjoy. its not like they are taking our cash and giving us nothing. so quit complaining and enjoy video games like the rest of us

  6. No I have never seen anyone go into a rage when the got beaten in an online game or games only on tv have I seen such a thing. That is why I think violent games like that should not be allowed everyone takes things they see on tv makes it into a virtual reality so that it becomes reality and then makes murder shows out of it and actually have people end up dead on the news. People take everything way too seriously what ever happened to the 50’s when everyone got along and you didn’t have to keep an eye on your kids for fear someone would take them or end up dead.

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