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Xbox live free trial?


How do i get the xbox live free tiral on my current sign in?

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  1. This option long longer exists, how ever a new accout will charge u 1 pound or 1 doller for 1 month then 5.99 there on in p/m

    At it will auto buy unless u go to

    http://Www.xbox.com sign in and turn auto renew option off

    Just pay the 39.99 for the year or visit

    http://Www.gamesbite.com for instant email code delivery

    You can get a year for only 29.99

    Hope thst help ya buddy

  2. You have to make an xbox live account. That means you have to give out your real info so it works. (adrss,phone and.). If you’ve never used the xbox, you should be allowed to make 2 or 3 accounts with a live trial. After those, you will not be able to get a free trial.

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