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XBOX Live GamerTag For a Girl?


I’m a 16 year old Girl Gamer. I am starting my own YouTube page just for fun on recording my gameplays and clan battles etc.

My GT right now is really stupid -.-

Sooo.a friend and I thought about PhotoFinish and I thought of MsPhotoFinish but then when I was watching some videos I found this Girl Gamer named MsxHeartxAttack or something.and people would think I am copying off of her with my name because it’s “Ms” in it or something 😛

I dunno? I love photography filming and I love winter because of the frost on the windows.I wanted to combine them somehow but I came up with only MsFrostedPicture and I thought it wasn’t the best 😛

so any ideas

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  1. FrostedPicture



    Just mess about with those, maybe change Frosted to Frosty or Frosting, and Ms at the beginning.

    Try anything you can

    Beats my Gamertag anyday haha (Qrle) , simple 4 letters haha add me if you want

  2. The ms doesn’t make it unoriginal but added numbers to replace letters like 4w3s0m3m4n or at the end like awesomesauce270 is and is rediculous and annoying

    Also please don’t put x’s everywhere, that’s for emos to show off that the cut themselves.or something

    Try MsPixels lol

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