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Xbox live service alert?


Hey guys the new update for xbox has just came out, which I don’t like the look off -__- but when I try to sign in my network and internet work fine then it says my xbox live connection isn’t working then says LIVE status: service alert and has a yellow! And I’ve really not got a clue what’s going on can anyone help me out? And I’ve already unplugged my internet connection waited then turnt it back on

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  1. 2012 is coming, it starts with Xbox Live being down, people are already starting to panic.lol, just kidding, apparently it’s everywhere but hopefully it’ll be back tomorrow. In the mean time.NETFLIX! YeYa!

  2. It’s Xbox Live itself that’s the problem. The geeks at MS are doing something with the new update. Don’t worry it’s not your connection or Xbox, it’s the XBL network that’s down.

  3. I live in San Jose as well.

    I was having the same problem until I turned off the console for a minute then turned it back on.

    working now

    GOPACKGO47 is my gamertag

    see me in madden12!

  4. I live in Weed, CA which is on the california/oregon border and mine still isnt working. Still says service alert.Should I just wait for tomorrow? Your sure its nothing Ive done.im kind of a dipshit lol.

  5. yea it did it to mine as well i have been trying to get my game back up and running and it wouldnt take me back in turned it off several times and i still cant get in any ideas also add me if ur a ops r mw3 player xxSKITTL3Z38xx looking for new gaming buddies as well just let me knw ur frm yahooooooooooooooooooooo lol. i need to gt back to playing mw3 baddddddddd.immmm back up in running now i turned off the system for about five minutes and turned it bacck on so thats all you have to do

  6. hey your not the only one im from bklyn and i was on the net all day yesterday before i updated once i did theres an error with the servers what type of * they running and the new is ok not great but ok

  7. Hey jake, My name is Mark i from Brazil.

    I have the same situation, this problem is in Xbox Live Service. in All Country. Server is Down.

  8. It seems that the most common problem people are having is.

    (error cannot connect to xbox live AFTER update)

    The best solution to your problem is- restart system, try to sign in, wait for prompt to accept new terms of service

    or you can go to the social tab and accept the terms of service there as well. Also go to xbox.com and accept them there.

    it connected me fine after that. so apparently the servers are not the problem.

    i hope this helped in fixing everyone’s problems, now all of my fellow gamers can finally get back to gaming. 🙂

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