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Xbox reading disc problem?


ive just purchased a new game, the problem is when i put the new Game in the xbox it makes the reading sound but just says open tray, and when i do get it to load up it freezes suddenly when it gets to either the main menu or to the start of a game. The xbox works fine with older games like COD WaW and Halo 3 but every time i put in a new game that ive never played on the xbox before it always has the same problem. Could some one please tell me whats Wong with my xbox?

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  1. Yes, this is a big problem with xbox 360 along with red rings.

    This is caused when your xbox overheats and then and can’t read the data on the disc.

    Try getting a fan or water cooler for your xbox.

    You can also try laying down your xbox in a open area where your xbox is exposed to fresh air.

    Also make sure the disc is clean.

    Go to xbox.com/support for more details.

    Hope this helps : )

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