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Xbox360 lag? Plasma tv the problem?


i recently bought an insignia 46” plasma 720p over my 22” insignia lcd\720p

there was no problem with the 22” with its connection

my 360 is on the 360 HDMI port (i have an insignia one also)

i was on wireless g and i thought tha was the problem (router is on the basement 360 on 2nd floor) so i switched no N

i cant move my router anywhere

no dice

im doing fine with my mbps and my NATs open but i lagg out sometime when some of my friends are hosting and there NATs open

please help how can i fix this

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  1. best way to determine if its the tv or the internet is to take internet out of the equation, play a single player game, if there is lag, its the tv. (i think its the tv)

    if its not the tv and you can’t move the router you have 2 options, first is to move the gaming setup (tv, console and all) closer to the router.

    if this is not an option then your last resort is to run a Ethernet cable from the router to the tv.

    Ethernet cables are cheap, you can get like 50-100 feet from your local stables or other office supply store for not to much (worst case = 50$)

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