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INSTANT INFINITE MONEY CHEAT!! Fable Anniversary Lost Chapters — Fast Glitch Merchant Exploit


Quick Easy Gold! In this video, I show you an AMAZING merchant exploit to get you thousands of gold in mere seconds! All you need is 214 gold and you will be a millionaire in minutes! This video is from Fable Anniversary, but this method will also work in The Lost Chapters! 😀

You just buy a bunch of items all at the same time for really cheap!! Then you immediately sell all those items back to the vendor!! As long as you buy them cheaply enough, it works!! This is especially useful in Oakvale, where you can buy a whole stack of emeralds then resell them for thousands apiece!! P

Have you ever wondered what that mysterious statue in Lookout Point is supposed to represent? CLICK HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5LC8PL2Xcg

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INSTANT INFINITE MONEY CHEAT!! Fable Anniversary Lost Chapters -- Fast Glitch Merchant Exploit


  1. HEY! A good free bed in Bowerstone is right across from the mom with the mushroomed teenager. In the hutch there's a free bed to get the two days you need to max up the apples. Do the same crap in Oakvale with emeralds!!

  2. Thanks bro it worked I'm playing through lost chapter because I never played it but I did play fable 2 and 3 but this really helped me alot

  3. Sleep by going to the shanties there the homeless sleep. Choose to sleep when the option warns that its not your bed and run out of the open doorway before the screen fades to black… time changes and you don't receive a fine

  4. broskie you can buy like 5 houses then sleep 3 days in a row and collect the money do it until you are content

  5. I started playing Fable The Lost Chapters early this week…tried this today..it works perfectly…thank you very much! (^0^)/

  6. Hey FurryMurry7 i appreciate you making this video 🙂 I already now own 2 houses and not even made it past Oakvalle. I'm playing on the PC version Lost Chapters. Right now its only $10 American on Steam and I'm having a great time! I subscribed and look forward to watching more of your videos. I'm going to try with wil the emeralds so hope fully I can make larger profits.

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