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Onigiri PS4 HD Gameplay


Onigiri PS4 HD Gameplay


  1. There's a shit ton of people playing on Xbox, whatchu mean? The servers are packed with newcomers and level 100s.

  2. For a free to play game I reckon it's a good game. People can't bitch and complain all they want, not many games like this are on PS4 at the moment apart from Final Fantasy and anything else. But I'm downloading this now and going to give it a shot.

  3. When will the day come that the come up with a very bad-ass clean graphical anime based game. I'm not asking for something like SOA, im asking for a mixture of all anime genre (lol wink) in one game. You can live as a normal highschool or you dont. You can be a gang member or work as a homeless person and work your way up or dont. I need options and a hella big world. Might be to much to ask but I know somewhere in the world a person is thinking the same thing as me and is doing everything they can to make it. If I could make games, I would, trust me.

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