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Xbox – December Games with Gold


Play together with Xbox Live Gold. December’s Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and Outlast. For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), December kicks off with Outland, followed by Burnout Paradise.

Xbox - December Games with Gold


  1. if burnout paradise is free with Xbox Live why can't i get it? I can get sleeping dogs but not burnout paradise. It's backwards compatible so why can't i get it on my xbox one

  2. I'm new to the whole Xbox store thing, so quick question: signed up to a month of Xbox gold, I can download Outlast and Sleeping Dogs for free, but not Burnout Paradise. How comes?

  3. Outland , after Super Metroid is one of the best platformer game I've ever played….thank you xbox for introducing me to this masterpiece and that too for free. You rock Phill ! :D

  4. Why won't it let me download burnout paradise? It gives me a message saying "you are unable to make this purchase through Xbox.com please use your Xbox", even though I'm trying to download it on my xbox!

  5. Lets not forget the Xbox360 RPG "Lost Odyssey" is FREE! to download for Xbox One until December 31st, 2016.

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