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Xbox live connection?


I cant connect to my xbox live friends and their games or parties when I have my xbox plugged into the router. Ive forwarded all the ports, gave it a static IP, used DMZ, UPnP, everything. I even bought a whole new router and that didnt even fix it. But when I plug my xbox into my modem, it works, but my family cant connect to the internet. I want to have a connection to my modem through my xbox and my family be able to use the internet at the same time. Can this be done with a switch, even though I have a router, and if yes, would the xbox be running thruogh the switch to the modems connection, or the routers connection? And lets say I buy a modem with a built in router, like the zoom 5654 x5. If I plugged my xbox into it, would it be running off the routers connection, or the modems? If it ran off the routers connection, would there be any way to make it run off the modems connection?

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  1. You need a new router, or a power line conditioner. You probably want to invest in the xbox live wireless adapter. WIll make things run smoothly. I had this problem you are having with an old lynxus routher (however you spell that ), it woudlnt connect for anything. But then I went to Netgear and its great. I have also used powerline conditoners and worked just as well. This is frustrating I know.

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