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a question about xbox 360?


For my birthday I`m going to get about 200 dollars. IS it worth getting the Kinect? Or should I get another game? Also what is the best Kinect bundle? And should I get any collectors editions? Thanks!

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  1. first of all, Angelo you Troll S L U T no one wants a smelly PS3!

    I think a Kinect is alright? It’s not THAT great right now (in my opinion) BUT. It can only get better. I have a kinect but cant really use it unless I take it outta my room. All I use in my room is the voice commands. The kinect games that come with the kinect are crap! and the best ones to get are them dancing ones (if your into it?).

    Alternate: 2-3 games, which you’ll probly get more play outta them?

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