Home Playstation Forum batman arkham city or elder scrolls skyrim?

batman arkham city or elder scrolls skyrim?


They both look very fun! What’s your opinion

for ps3


  1. I will say skyrim. The truth is i never played both games. or previous from the series

    But i watch this and i think this is the best.

    [url is not allowed].

  2. Elder scrolls will look best and play best on a pc, whereas batman arkham city is optimized for consoles (ala ps3) so If i were you, I would buy arkham city, then wait for skyrim to go on sale, (there isn’t a pre-order bonus anyway).

  3. Skyrim hands down. You wont be bored for months.maybe years depending on how much you like Bethesda’s games (Fallout 3s, previous elder scrolls). Arkham city will be a good game but no comparison here

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