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Best Button Layout Black Ops? 10 Points For Best Answer!?


Ok, so ive been playing on tactical all my life, but in black ops especially I seem to get panic knifed a lot, and I do feel jeaulos when my friends only have to slam on the joystick to kill me, when Im jumpshoting/dropshotting.

Dropshoting just doesnt work for me in black ops, so Im wondering if I should switch to normal?

All the noobs play on normal, all the tryhards play on tactical, and half of the professionals play normal while half play tactical.

Please dont say switch to tactical when playing CQ ect. its gonna be super hard mastering both.

Any black ops players, you thoughts please?

Ps. I play on PS3

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  1. @night

    r0x0r pretty much explained the flaws of the xbox 360. My brothers ps3 just got the YLOD in Feb. He’s had that ps3 since the day it came out. My ex went through 2 Xbox 360s in 1 year.


    Just use the tactical button layout because of the dropshot.

  2. You guys are funny lol! Playstation4Life is using his night account I see. You guys have me rolling. Anyways I use a reverse missionary style of layout. Yeah laugh it up, just google it though, it is way easier on the fingers.

  3. Get an XBox 360 contoller. It has the best layout by default. Though you might not be able to plug it in. So you probably need an XBox 360 too. I heard that XBox live is working great. While PlayStation network is cancelled.

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