Home Playstation Games CGRundertow WRECKED: REVENGE REVISITED for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow WRECKED: REVENGE REVISITED for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGRundertow WRECKED: REVENGE REVISITED for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Let's Play – Wrecked: Revenge Revisited


  1. The camera system I don't think is the problem. I had many fond memories playing SuperSonic Software's other classic racer known as Mashed: Fully Loaded (also known as Drive to Survive) for the PC, Xbox Original, and Playstation 2. Coming from that game and onto Wrecked, I feel the biggest problem was the framerate. What the hell happened with keeping a nice 60fps framerate at all times?

  2. one question… have you ever played mashed? or even seen any videos on it? its exactly the same and for some reason, to me, it is a good idea because it makes you actually feel like you are controlling a remote control car.

  3. its a beast for playing with mates and the camera didn't bother me that much it just add's a challenge

  4. Looks a lot like 90's PC game Ignition!

    Thanks for the review, the demo only had multiplayer mode so didn't manage to test it out. Now I know I don't need to add this to my collection…

  5. I totally disagree about the camera, none of my friends found MASHED hard because of the camera, the reviewer is exagerating the problem.

  6. I thought MASHED (Drive to Survive in North America) was fantastic for multi-player fun. I am waiting for it to come out on PSN. However, is this better than Mashed? It looks quite the same with a paint job. I want it anyway, but it may never come to North America on PS3… sad…

  7. Instead of looking into this game, here's to the day Mashed: Fully Loaded or Micro Machines V4 for PS2 get rereleased on PSN! But until then, I'll stick with Motorstorm RC and TNT Racers.

  8. Wrecked is by Supersonic Software, and it's obvious Derek has never played one of their games before, because the camera here is pretty much exactly the same as any of their other 3d games, including Circuit Breakers for PS1, Micro Machines V3, Micro Machines V4, and others. Micro Machines style racing games with semi-overhead cameras is what they do, and once you get used to the style, they play great. I love Supersonic's racing games… :)

  9. This game reall sucks. Turbo with fast pressing acc/brake/acc just getting everybody pressing this all the time -> sucks. Play Mashed Fully Loaded!

  10. Just so you know, the score colors correspond to the colors of the lights on the cars and not the colors of the cars themselves.

  11. watching this again its funny how often Michael thought he lost points because he didnt realize the name was for the bar below it. first dead -2 second -1 third +1 survivor gets +2 and you could see like mlp michael gets +2 points and then hear him say and i got -2 that round because hes looking at the other bar.

  12. With this, Super Mario Bros, and Glitchrunners, I've discovered that my favorite videos are ones where Geoff can actively screw with everyone else

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