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Controller still kind of weird. Am I doing it right?


Ok, I wrote this a week ago:

Today I was charging my controller, and once it stopped blinking, I took out the charging plug. Once I did that, all the numbers on the controller started blinking at the same time and it wouldn’t stop. I also couldn’t use the controller. It was like it was off. I couldn’t navigate the menu or walk around in the shooter game I was playing. Then once I turned off my PS3 and turned it back back on, it worked fine. Is my controller busted? Is it my PS3?

Now, that happened again today right after charging. I have to turn off the PS3 and turn it back on to get the controller working wireless. Why does it do that? After the red light stops blinking (when it’s charged), I take out the plug that charges it from the PS3 and from the controller. Am I doing something wrong? Is that the right way? Why does the controller do that?

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  1. hehe, i think i remember this question. There nothing wrong, it just the ps3 doesnt recognize it so u have to restart it and tada

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